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Let’s Make Some Noise DMV!

DJ Company serving Washington D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia

In the heart of Washington D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia, Vonnie Mixes serves as a DJ whose goal is to make your events unforgettable. From weddings to corporate functions, or even just a party that needs the dance floor to come alive, we leave your guests wanting more. Let us show you why choosing us is right for you.

Being based in the culturally rich DMV area, we also recognize the power music holds in bringing people together and creating core memories unquestionably. With years of experience, our DJ service in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia is beyond music. We are not content until our clients are satisfied. With every unique event, providing our service to match that uniqueness is our goal, so we take the extra step to make your vision come to life by doing everything in our path to perform just the right way for you. Nevertheless, from a high-end party to just a small get-together, you have our promise that we will control the event and keep your guests entertained.

Let’s Make Some Noise DMV!

Washington D.C.

We all know the heart of the nation’s capital and understand the diversity of its music and atmosphere. Washington D.C. is a place where you can find a variety of people who listen to music of any genre. All in all, this is where Vonnie Mixes is unmatched. Being able to play any music genre comfortably while still keeping the guests happy and full of energy is guaranteed. Whether you are doing this for a wedding, corporate event, or even if you are having a private party, we can easily set the mood and accommodate your preferences.


Maryland holds a variety of landscapes and an even larger variety of musical tastes. From huge barn weddings to beach or lake house parties, Vonnie Mixes makes these events stress-free because we basically let you enjoy the event so you don’t have to worry about whose on AUX. Just chill out, we’ve got you covered! Also, we continuously keep ourselves updated with the latest equipment and newest hits to make sure each event is significantly better than the last. Furthermore, take pride in our DJ’s versatility, and being able to adjust to any environment without compromising quality.

Northern Virginia

Lastly, often referred to as NOVA, Northern Virginia is home to a wide range of musical balances. For one thing, the Wolf Trap summer concerts in Vienna, to the clubbing nightlife in Arlington. As a matter of fact we can play in any environment no matter the time of year. That is what makes our services superior. So, what we want you to do is put your trust in us to do what we are good at. We are not just playing music for you, we are making it an experience.

Here are Some Common Questions you may have About us that we have Already Answered:

So what sets us apart from any other DJ company? This can be answered in a lot of different ways. I could say our services span from anything like weddings to being able to mix at clubs, but anybody can just say that. It’s our experience that makes us special. Do you really want to put one of the most important things that can make or break a party or event in the hands of someone who isn’t qualified for it? Of course not! Trust us to take care of it.

What kind of music can Vonnie Mixes play? Anything, you name it! The best part about us is that we can work with you to choose the right music that is best for your event, no matter the genre or era. Our DJs are versatile in the sense that they can mix any type of music without compromising the quality, guaranteed.

Can you do different culturally-themed events? Yes, we are culturally inclusive in the types of music we play. Here are some examples of different cultural weddings you can hire us for:

Persian Events: Let us DJ at your next Persian event. From just a common mehmooni to your aroosi, we do it all. You can trust us to play traditional songs to the most recent Persian hits.

Indian Events: Indian events are usually grand affairs, where some events and ceremonies are several days. Let us light up the dance floor at your next Shaadi. 

Spanish Events: Additionally, our DJs have lots of experience playing Spanish music, especially with how much more popular it is becoming worldwide to play at any party or event. At your next gran fiesta or boda, hire us and we’ll keep the energy high and make sure the party doesn’t die. 

Additional FAQ

What is our goal as your local DJ company? Choosing the right DJ company and making sure the music is on point is important. Our company aims to create a positive environment for our clients. Vonnie Mixes creates the ambiance of your dreams. From the first beat to the final song, we are committed to providing the best DJ service in the area.

What are our different packages? Every package is custom-made and designed to fit your desires and specifications to the tea, so have a pre-package consultation where we talk about what type of music you want, where the event is, the amount of time spent for our services, and many other things that come into play when planning your special event

Are there Terms and Agreements you must agree to? Yes! Hence, there is a contract with many different terms and agreements to sign that we can fully go over together to make sure you fully understand and we are completely transparent with you.

What are the most common cities you work in? Most of the work we do in is Alexandria VA, McLean VA, Falls Church VA, Great Falls VA, Vienna VA, Tysons Corner VA, Reston VA, Leesburg VA, Clifton VA, Lorton VA, Clarendon VA, Arlington VA, Ashburn VA, Leesburg VA, Potomac MD, Rockville MD, and Gaithersburg MD.

How do we work to constantly improve our services? By following the USDJA we are constantly learning how to improve our skills and business strategy can benefit our company.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out; we will answer as fast as possible and to the best of our abilities. I will list our email below. Please look under our photos and videos tab to see us in action.

Email: Vonniemixes[at]